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Burnbrae Bulls


The Bunrbrae Bulls consider themselves as a fine body of men whose bodies perhaps have lost their temple status.  They play occasional games during the season and the rules they play to, given below, are simple -



  • No player on either side shall be under the age of 35 yrs (dispensation will be given to those who qualify under the 'hard paper round' rule). There is no upper limit to age or squad size. Rolling subs are positively encouraged.
  • The game shall be no longer than 30 minutes each way in duration but may well end up being considerably shorter.
  • Scrummages will be conducted on an 'uncontested basis'. This should suit clubs like Glasgow Accies and allow them to draw from over 150 years of uncontested scrummaging experience!
  • Lifting in the line-out is considered to be tantamount to cheating and is severely frowned upon. Bunching in the line-out is perfectly acceptable (see footage of 1974 Lions for details)
  • Kicking of the football is only considered acceptable from inside the 22 metre line and in cases where it is deemed that the player does not possess the required agility to pick the ball up from the ground (hack and chase style). Conversion attempts should be undertaken by the try scorer. Attempting a penalty goal is, quite frankly, unsporting!
  • Tackling is encouraged although being close enough to the ball carrier to suggest that under normal circumstances a tackle would be made should be noted by said ball carrier.
  • Pre and post match attire should be jacket (preferably tweed) and tie (compulsory club).
  • Post match conviviality is a key component of the day and 'having to be home early because I'm taking the wife for dinner' will not be considered acceptable!
  • The consumption of Port, Brandy and other necessary tinctures is to be encouraged both prior to and during the fixture. Pipe smoking is also acceptable but should be restricted to half-time and injury breaks.
  • Each side will provide one touch judge (preferably a gout sufferer) who should be suitably attired to run the line (i.e. woollen socks, shorts / plus fours, shirt, tie & blazer.) See Ross Bottomley for advice?
  • The referee should be no older than 70 yrs and have absolutely no idea about any law variations post 1995.

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Match reports will appear below if anybody can remember what happened.