6 Nations Tickets

6 Nations Tickets

6 Nations Tickets

Friday, 6 October 2017


6 Nations home & away matches

closing date 20 October

Requests may now be placed for the away 6N matches, Wales, Ireland and Italy:

for WALES (3rd Feb)            £80 tickets only

for IRELAND (10th Mar)       £74,  £65,  £51

for ITALY (17th Mar)             £55,  £37,  £28

Send requests by email asap., but no money yet. The feedback is that we should get tickets OK but the higher price brackets may be favoured.

Requests may now be placed for the home 6N matches, England and France:

AVAILABILITY:  the SRU has yet another new policy this year, a pre-determined and fixed quantity based in some way on previous years’ uptake.

for England (24th Feb) this is:        20 @ £90       30 @ £67       30 @ £50

for France (11th Feb)  this is:          20 @ £85       30 @ £65       30 @ £45

Note that concessions are available for under-18s for the two cheaper tickets for France only, but would still come out of our allocation.

ORDERING: The ticket Office seems to be operating a first-come system for 6N tickets, so please get the AWAY requests to me as soon as possible.

England and France allocations are fixed so these will be allocated once all requests are deemed to be received.


I will acknowledge by email all orders, as soon as received.


Once the allocation has been decided, I will advise all parties of their status. I will then request payment by early November. The Club adds a 10% levy to cover postage and other costs. For admin. reasons, cheques are easiest for me but bank transfer is available.


Please direct communications to kenblake4@gmail.com

Postage to the address below as a last resort.

            Ken Blake

            International Tickets Secretary

            37 Smithycroft

            Hamilton ML3 7UL  07981 298428